Win7 backup and restore

In the ##windows channels, we see it over and over and over again: people lose data because they don't bother to backup their systems. This is sad, because it is easy and cheap to perform full system backups of Windows computers. You don't need extra software. All you really need is a disk to backup to, and these have become easily affordable for most people.

The restore, should you need it, is also very easy to perform.

Here are a three short videos to show how simple the process is. You can watch them all in less than 8 minutes. Backup and restore have become so easy and inexpensive that there is no good excuse for not having a recent backup of your system these days.

Create a full system image backup of your Windows installation (and automate so it happens every week):

Perform a bare-metal restore from that backup, using the recovery CD and backup made in the above video:

Restore only a few files or folders using an existing backup: