Recent Issues

A page for discussion of issues we hear about from time to time. Most recent ones at the top.

    • Would like to allow a certain program to elevate without presenting the UAC dialog. But don't want to disable UAC.

      • The right approach to this problem would be to badger the developer of that program to fix their program!

      • But that won't solve your issue right now. It's possible to use Process Monitor to suss out which file or registry location the program is improperly accessing, and then modify permissions on that file or registry object. But this is an advanced procedure which we mention for advanced users, who understand the consequences. It's not something we can easily walk you through in the channel.

      • For a easy to apply solution, check out Prio. It has the ability to set specific processes to Silent Elevation. Use this capability sparingly and only on processes you fully trust with this privilege.

    • What's the deal with Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) "losing certification"?

      • In late November of 2012, a German company called AV-Test removed their certification from MSE, citing poor response to 0-day malware. The AV-Test report is here. Microsoft responded by saying (among other things) how exceptionally rare the missed malware was in the real world. Note that no other malware testing company have significantly downgraded their rating of MSE.

    • Should I tweak or disable my pagefile settings?

      • We believe you should leave them at their default, system managed settings. Our favorite answer to this question is here. If you really want to have a better understanding of the virtual memory system in Windows, start by reading and carefully considering Mark Russinovich's excellent summary. But keep in mind that it is only a summary; memory management is a complex topic, covering some ~200 pages in the excellent Windows Internals books.