irc virus alert

Hey! I got a Windows Defender virus alert from ##windows (or any number of other IRC channels on Freenode)!.

Yes, yes you did. There are a group of people on Freenode that think it's funny to trigger this.

It's an iframe string. Usually it's an updated version of the original Exploit:HTML/IFrame virus or Trojan. Windows defender detects the redirect in html enabled programs (such as IRC clients) and text log files and if you are logging IRC chat in your client, then it picks it up and quarantines it. Depending on which variant they are playing with on the day it happens.

What are your options:

    • Did your AV client quarantine it? Then clean it [note, your logs may be erased.].

    • Want to keep your logs? Then you will need to edit it out or it will simply be quarantined again.