Size On Disk

Sometimes we get asked how much disk space various versions of Windows use.

Here are the answers I got, from installing each version as a VM on a Hyper-V system. Your mileage will vary, depending primarily on which hardware drivers and software you have installed. Hibernation settings and amount of installed RAM can also have large impacts.

    • Windows 10 Pro (fully updated on Sep 1, 2017; VMWare Workstation): 12.3GB

    • Windows 10 Home (fully updated on Sep 1, 2017; VMWare Workstation): 12.4GB

  • Windows 8.1 (fully updated on Nov 3, 2014): 14.3GB

  • Windows 8 (fully updated Nov 6, 2014): 22.6GB

    • Note that a Win8 system nags often about wanting to be upgraded to Win8.1 ... and you really should.

  • Windows 7 Ultimate (fully updated Nov 3, 2014): 25.6GB

  • Windows 7 Professional (fully updated Nov 5, 2014): 17.6GB

  • Windows 7 Home Premium (fully updated Nov 7 2014): 20.4GB

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (fully updated Nov 4, 2012): 15.6GB

    • "Server with GUI" option chosen

  • Windows Server 2012:

  • Windows Server 2008r2 (fully updated Nov 11, 2014): 18.8GB

  • Windows Server 2008:

  • Vista Ultimate (fully updated Dec 6, 2014): 25.9GB

  • Windows XP Professional (fully updated on Nov 3, 2014): 7.03GB

    • Note that XP is no longer supported, and nags often to remind you of this!

  • Windows XP Home:

    • Note that XP is no longer supported, and nags often to remind you of this!


  1. Install each OS version from TechNet media, choosing all defaults during the install.

    1. 64bit versions of the OS were used unless otherwise noted.

    2. Each VM was given 2GB of RAM.

  2. Perform Windows Updates, including all Critical, Important, and Optional updates until there are no more to be found.

      1. Aactually I hid and did not install "Windows Live Essentials" and the "Bing Bar".

  3. Run winver and get properties of C: drive, take a screenshot of these and add it to the web page below.

  4. Document date and "used space" in list above.

  5. Note that no additional software is installed.

Screenshots of each:

Windows 8.1, with all updates, Nov. 3, 2014.
Windows 2012 R2 Disk space, fully updated Nov 4 2012
Windows 8 disk space. Fully updated Nov 6 2014
Windows 7 Ultimate, Nov 3 2014
Win7 Professional. Fully updated Nov 5 2014
Win7 Home Premium, fully updated Nov 7 2014
Windows 2008R2 Nov 11, 2014
Vista Ultimate 64-bit, fully updated Dec 6, 2014
XP Professional disk space used, Nov 3 2014