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On August 20, 2016 Bryan Lockwood, known as mota, passed away unexpectedly.

He will be missed.

mota was originally known as quux, and pretty much founded the ##windows channel culture sometime in 2003. Later he changed my nick to mota.

The nick mota is atom spelled it backwards. Someone else his old "quux" nick now.


I came to ##windows around 2006 looking for help, and over time got more involved in helping others. In time, I joined staff myself. Presently, I'm running the channel with the help of the rest of our crew. I'm additionally part of the staff that runs freenode itself, and coordinate a number of foss events and meetups.

I live in the Eastern US and am generally online between 0530-2100 Eastern time. (1030-0200 GMT. Be aware our daylight savings days are different.) The best time to reach me is early in the morning, right around 0530-0700)

I can be reached at

I started attending freenode back around 2002-2003 mainly because of the phpBB project. Later on, I participated in the windows channel and the freenode channel. Lilo asked for me to join staff, I accepted. Many months passed, I descended(life stuff) to a regular user, continued to assist(windows). Nowadays you can find me wandering other good chans. -- photography, phpBB, wordpress, nginx, security, owncloud, networking.

I am GMT -7/-8 depending on the time of year. :)

msg me fast:

Started hanging around the channel in 2010 and became an Op in July of that year. Sysadmin by trade, occasional blogger on, and a gamer. I'm very much a jack of all trades person. As a small business IT admin I've got my hands in just about everything.

I live in EST(GMT-5) and I'm around most of the time Monday through Thursday from 7:30-5:30, noon on Friday. Not much on weekends.

I can be reached at

I've been around freenode for a few years, originally I came onto the network through #wordpress - my channel selection has increased quite a lot since back then. Within ##windows I can be found lurking in ##windows-server looking for server related stuff that I can answer.






I joined ##windows and ##windows-server a couple of years ago and enjoyed the wide range of questions and discussions. Having recently been asked to join the team (June 2011) I gladly accepted.

I'm currently employed as Systems Administrator for a SMB in the south-west of England, UK. I enjoy drinking lots of coffee and harassing my wife.

I can be reached at systom@freenode-windows-org





It has been about 10 years of hanging around ##windows with various nicks trying to pick up tips on how to use the OS. I'm neither an IT person, nor a professional programmer, but have done a little bit of both, mostly in programming Windows Phone, and C# apps for Windows itself. If my comments seem basic, it is often just to make sure the person has tried or is even aware of common tips. Sometimes just having to explain the problem to someone else can help you solve it yourself. Happiness.

Level 10 Wizard from the Land of Ozz




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