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We have moved to libera, and as such you should expect a new hostname soon!

Visit https://libera.chat/ for information about the new network.

A Windows channel on a FOSS-ish network? What's up with that?

Yeah. Windows costs money (although free trials are available), and the source is not libre. But support doesn't have to cost money. We choose to provide support for Windows on this very FOSS network because a) we love the attitude of this network and b) much FOSS software runs on Windows.

We aim to provide knowledgeable help with Windows, but we are not Microsoft/Windows evangelists. No matter which OS you run, if you are happy with it, we are happy for you. We see this as a simple matter of choice by individuals, not as a Holy War of Ideology. We're not out to dominate the world, or even change anyone's mind.

So, if you came here for a fight, we're not really interested. But we're happy to answer questions, or generally discuss the OS strengths and weaknesses.

In case you're wondering, many of the people hanging around the channel are running Linux, BSD, or some other OS. Some channel regulars don't run Windows at all.